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Youtube Videos

Just before going out to California this fall, I had purchased a GoPro camera to record some highlights of my rides.  I haven’t figured out how to use it to its full potential yet and hope to get some more experience with it over the winter months so that I’m ready to capture some more interesting footage next summer.

One of the things that surprised me the most about the GoPro was how well it did with audio.  With the camera mounted to the handlebars on the Triumph and the crash bar on the Versys, I figured that wind noise would be a problem.  However, it seems as if the camera does an excellent job of eliminating the wind noise leaving just the sound of the engine.

I haven’t taken a lot of footage yet, but I did post a couple of short videos to YouTube recently.

Triumph Street Triple – Late Summer Ride

Kawasaki Versys – Palm to Pines Highway

Video editing is another area where I need to get some experience.  Right now, I can only manage to do the most basic things with Adobe Premier and hope to get a lot more experience during the snowy months here in the Northeast.


New Levers for the Triumph

A few weeks ago, my Triumph got dropped.  It wasn’t me who dropped it and the guilty party will remain nameless.

Damage is minimal with only a small scratch on the side where the turn signal hit the bodywork, a scuff on one of the engine covers, the bar-end mirror has a little scratch, and the end of the brake lever broke off.  The scratches really aren’t noticeable unless you really look for them but the brake lever needed to be replaced.

Looking around at various options inevitably led to eBay and I ended up buying some adjustable shorty levers from China.  There were many color options and I choose titanium levers with black adjusters.  With shipping the levers were $50 for the pair (brake and clutch).  Installation was straight forward and only took about 20 minutes.  They feel solid, appear to be well-made and look pretty good too.

I went with shorty levers for a couple of reasons.  I got used to riding with the shorter broken lever and found that I liked it. I only need two fingers on the brakes and the clutch is light enough to use two fingers as well.   I’m also hoping that if the bike gets tipped over or dropped again, the levers will survive.

First ride of 2014!

Well, I decided to go out for a short ride today.  It’s about 45 degrees and the roads are mostly dry.

I took the Street Triple out so that I could test the quick shifter.  This is an awesome accessory!  It shifts fast and smooth without using the clutch.

I had also replaced the useless stock mirrors with some Triumph bar end mirrors.  They’re a bit small but do seem to work pretty well.

It’s great to be back out on the bike.  I may not be able to ride again for a week or two because it’s going to turn cold again but for today, I’m happy to be able to take advantage of a warm February day.

Triumph Quick Shifter

Toward the end of last year’s riding season, I started doing  more clutchless shifting as I rode the Street Triple.  The sound and feel of quick up-shifts at 10,000+ RPM’s on the 675 cc triple is awesome.

Quick ShifterWinter in the Northeast leaves plenty of time for researching and planning mods and I ended up buying a Quick Shifter.  Installation was as simple as replacing the stock shifter rod and plugging it into the bike’s computer.   The Street Triple wiring harness is pre-wired for the quickshifter and the hardest part was finding the connector under the seat.

I haven’t yet taken it for a ride yet because it’s quite cold out and there’s still too much snow and ice around to ride safely.   I can’t wait to get out on the road again to give this a try.