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GPS Mount

In preparation for my West Coast trip this summer, I got a cheap GPS mount ($2.69 on eBay) for my Garmin Nuvi 350 that attaches to the handlebar.  In addition to being a GPS, the Nuvi 350 includes an MP3 player which is a welcome addition to the bike.  The handlebar mount seems to work well, is conveniently located, and allows me to zip tie the cords to the handlebar resulting in a reasonably clean installation. 

In the past, I’ve used a couple of strips of velcro on the dash console.  While this worked,  it always presented problems with routing the wires (charger and AUX).  With the wires touching the tank for a couple of weeks, the cords actually dulled the paint on the gas tank.  Now that I can secure the cables, this should no longer be a problem.