Back on the Versys

I’m back out in California so I get to ride the Versys for a few days.  The first order of business was to get some fresh tires and an oil change.  I had a local shop install a set of Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires, clean and lube the chain, and do an oil change.

I chose the Scorpion Trail tires because I want to start exploring some unpaved roads.  Pirelli describes the tires as “Suited to Enduro motorcycles with a Touring setup, capable of tackling long journeys and excursions with light off road stretches”.  It didn’t take long to get them scrubbed in and so far, they feel good on the street.

A Short Off-Road Excursion

20141018_162627I rode around a bit looking for some forest service roads to ride on but found them to be closed.  Eventually, I found a dirt road called Trabuco Creek Road that went off into the canyons.  A mile or so up this road, I saw a guy stopped along the side of the road so I pulled up to say hello and try to find out a bit more about this road.  He was riding a homemade bike with an old single cylinder 500cc dirt bike motor,  a rigid frame, two solo seats (rider and passenger) and a bunch of parts salvaged from various other bikes.  It was a great little bike.  He assured me that that road was in pretty good shape and that I would have no trouble for the next few miles.  20141018_163648

Since I really haven’t spent much time riding in dirt, I just took it easy and went nice and slow. The road was pretty good with only a few small ruts making it a nice easy ride.  Since it hasn’t rained here in months, it was a bit dusty and mud definitely wasn’t a factor.  Since it was getting to be late in the afternoon I decided it was time to turn around and go back after going only about 3-4 miles into the canyon.  The new tires seemed to handle this terrain just fine although just about any tire probably would have worked.

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