New Jacket

Fall is a great time to pick up some nice riding gear at a discount as companies clear out inventory to get ready for new arrivals.  This year, I picked up a Dainese Racing C2 perforated leather jacket that was on sale at Revzilla.

This is the first leather jacket that I’ve purchased since I started gearing up after buying the BMW in August of 2012. Until now, I’ve been buying textile gear as I find it to be comfortable, versatile, and it provides reasonably good protection. I consider this my core riding gear that takes me from early spring to late fall.

Now that I have all of the gear I need for daily riding, I decided its time to focus on some gear that I can use if I ever get around to attending a track day in the future.  I like the idea of having a leather jacket that I can wear without having to wear leather pants so a one-piece suit was out of the running.

When I saw that the Dainese Racing C2 was on sale, I did some research and decided that it would be a great addition to my ever-growing collection of jackets. It has plenty of protection, will zip into the Dainese pants that I already have and it looks good too.

The jacket appears to be very well made. The leather is heavy yet also fairly soft and supple.  The material used for the stretch panels, zippers and seams all seem to be high quality.  I opted for the perforated version so that wearing it in the summertime would be tolerable.Dainese-Racing-C2

The shoulder, elbow, and arms all contain CE rated armor. It does not come with a back protector so I put a back protector from one of my other jackets into the pocket in the back for the time being.

Putting the jacket on for the first time felt a little odd and a bit tight in the shoulders and arms as I was standing up. However, once i hopped onto the Triumph everything fell into place and it fit perfectly. On the bike, I don’t even feel the armor and the whole jacket fits snug without being tight and forms perfectly to my body. It feels like a custom fit jacket made just for me.

My first ride with the new jacket was in nice humid 85 degree weather. I was hot when sitting still but once moving, i could definitely feel the air coming through the perforations. It doesn’t flow as much air as my mesh jacket but it does provide enough airflow to make it bearable.  Once the temperature drops below 70, you can really feel the cool air coming through.

Overall, it seems to be a very nice jacket that will work well in warm weather.  Now I just need to find some good leather pants and I’ll be ready for the track.


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