Angeles Crest Highway Ride

On Friday 6/13/14, I decided to finish my CA trip with a nice ride along the Angeles Crest Highway.  I took the interstate highways through Pomona and Passadena to La Cañada Flintridge.

A view from the Angeles Crest Highway

I do believe that the Angeles Crest Highway is my favorite road of all time.  The road is smooth with nice moderate corners making riding fun and exciting.  About halfway along the road, I stopped at Newcombs Ranch for lunch.

Rt 138 as you head toward San Bernadino

After lunch I rode the remainder of the Angeles Crest highway and started heading back toward LA along Rt 138.  Rt 138 is another nice road that goes past Silverwood Lake and into San Bernadino.  From There I headed to Perris and Lake Elsinore finishing up the ride on the Ortega Highway,

Somewhere along Rt 138 near Silverwood Lake
A view from the hills looking down on to Silverwood Lake

2 thoughts on “Angeles Crest Highway Ride”

  1. One of my all time faves too… I actually had a BIG HORN Sheep run out in front of me as I rounded a corner… actually managed to get a pic of him. Pretty rare to see one.

    1. I saw the Sheep crossing signs but didn’t see any sheep. Too busy trying to make sure I didn’t go off a cliff and into the woods. 🙂

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