Palomar Observatory Ride

On Tuesday 6/10, went for a nice day ride up to the Palomar Observatory.  I was able to take the Ortega Highway over to Lake Elsinore and then south through Temecula to Palomar.  The weather was perfect, 75-80 degrees and of course, sunny all the way.  Gotta love southern CA weather.

wpid-wp-1402496750680.jpegThe loop around Palomar has some nice twisty roads leading up the mountain.  There were plenty of nice tight corners as well as wider, higher speed corners to make the ride interesting.  The roads are in pretty good shape with only a few bumps here and there.

wpid-20140610_123340.jpgI stopped at the Palomar Observatory and took a walk around.  The landscape around the observatory is beautiful and the telescope is huge.  I stayed for about 30 min. reading the various tidbits of information displayed in the small museum/gift shop.

After leaving the observatory, I stopped in a town called Lake Henshaw for lunch.  After lunch, I back tracked and rode the same route in reverse just for fun.

All-in-all, it was a great ride and a wonderful way to spend a day.




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