Day 6 – 6/5/14

I was looking forward to finishing up the Rt 36 ride this morning and was not disappointed.  After going back down Rt 3 to 36, I continued to Fortuna.  This part of 36 didn’t have as many of the sharp corners but instead, had nice long sweeping turns.  A great ride for sure.

wpid-wp-1402064420003.jpegFrom Fortuna, I started South on US 101 and took a detour to see the Redwood trees on the Avenue of the Giants.  If you’re ever in northern California, this is a great place to visit.  I took a short hike through the forest to relax and enjoy the awesome sights.

After leaving the redwoods, I got back on to US 101 and headed toward Monterey.  Passing through Oakland was frustrating because I got there right around 5:00 and hit heavy traffic.  The Versys is much better at lane splitting that the BMW so at least that worked in my favor.  I’m still not very good a this lane splitting thing but I guess it’s something that takes practice.  I see other motorcycles zip right through but I can’t keep up with them.  I can’t imagine commuting in this kind of traffic on a daily basis.  It’s just crazy.

Once past Oakland and San Jose, the last 30 miles to Monterey was cold and foggy.  I was glad to get to the motel to warm up a bit.

Tomorrow will be the end of my ride as I expect to get to my daughter’s house in southern California.

States: CA
Miles Today: 469
Total Miles: 3,481


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