Day 2 – 6/1/14

After a good first long day on the Versys, I had high hopes for the remaining part of the ride so I got started at around 8:00 am and continued West on I-80 through Indiana and into Illinois.

As I passed through Chicago the temperature was now in the mid-high 80’s and it was starting to getting windy.  Continuing across Illinois and into Iowa, the wind gradually got stronger and more annoying.  It wasn’t a real strong crosswind but was enough to make the ride a bit of work.  The lack of wind protection on the Versys really didn’t help either as my head got knocked around and of course, the wind noise was a constant companion.  I stopped quite a few times today, probably every 50 miles or so, to rest and take a break from the wind.

Riding on interstates can be interesting.  There isn’t much to amuse your self with so odd things seem to stick with you.  For example, there were certain trucks I  passed that I would remember because of the load they were carrying of the graphics on the trailer.  After stopping for a brief time, they would keep on moving down the highway and pass me while I was stopped.  I would get back out on the road and end up passing again.  This would repeat over and over throughout the day.  When this happens, I always think of the story of the Hare and the Tortoise proving that slow and steady wins the race.

I had intended to get to Omaha before stopping for the night bu during what turned out to be my last rest stop, I had noticed that the sky ahead of me was getting dark and grey.  I checked the radar and saw a rather large storm ahead and decided that I would stop for the night and avoid putting on my rain gear and riding through a downpour.   I found a motel a few miles down the road and stopped for the night at around 6:30 pm.

States: OH, IN, IL, IA
Miles Today: 606
Total Miles: 1196


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