Day 3 – 6/2/14

The rain passed through overnight and I awoke to cloudy skies and 65 degrees.  The roads were dry so after filling up with gas, I resumed my ride across Iowa and into Nebraska.

I’ve been stopping every 45-60 min for a 5 minute break and it seems to help out a lot.  This little Kawasaki isn’t like the Harley or BMW where you only stop for gas.  I need to stop a lot more often on this bike.  It looks like the Versys is good for a maximum of about 600 miles/day.

At one of the rest areas I stopped at I spoke to a guy from Omaha.  As it turns out, it’s a good thing I didn’t try to make it there last night because they had heavy rain and 50 mph winds.  I’m really glad I stopped when I did last night.

Riding though Nebraska gives you plenty of time to think and pause to reflect on things.   Today’s thoughts focused on how this year’s ride was compared to previous years.

This is my 7th cross country ride so I’ve become quite familiar with what to expect.  Because I’ve taken the same route more than once, I recognize and remember stopping at specific gas stations and truck stops in the past.  The motel I stayed at last night was across the street from a Super 8 motel that I stayed at a couple of years ago and the restaurant that I ate at last night – I’ve eaten there before.   I don’t plan ahead so the fact that I ended up staying in the same town somewhere in Iowa is quite a coincidence.

Ok, back to the ride report.  The wind had calmed down and was a non-issue today.  With the temperature right around 80 and hardly a cloud in the sky, it was a perfect day for a ride.   Traffic on I-80 seemed light and I didn’t hit any major construction zones either.  It was a great day.

Late in the afternoon I entered Wyoming and could see mountains in the distance.  After riding across the prairie for so many hours, seeing mountains always makes me feel good.  I passed through Cheyenne WY at around 5:00 pm and decided to continue on to Laramie where I stopped for the night.

I’m not sure where I’m going to go tomorrow so I’ll take a look at the map tonight to figure out where to go next.

States: IA, NE, WY
Miles Today: 618
Total Miles: 1,814

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