Low Mileage Bikes

I’m always amazed at the number of low mileage bikes that you see for sale.  I never quite understood why people would go out and spend a bunch of money on a bike, ride it a few thousand miles, and then sell it or trade it in on a newer model just a few years later.

If you take a look at the used bikes posted on craigslist or in any dealer’s inventory, you rarely ever see a bike with more than 40k miles on it.   It doesn’t seem to matter how old the bikes are either, they just don’t have many miles on them.  I’ve seen a lot of 10 year old bikes that have less than 15k miles on them.  It makes me wonder why people even bother buying a bike if they’re only going to ride it a few times a year.

The worst offenders have got to be Harley owners.  They go out and buy a $15k-$25k bike, spend another 3 grand on exhaust, motor work, chrome, and other accessories, and then leave it in the garage because they don’t want to get it dirty.   I don’t get it.

Maybe people are worried about the resale value of a high mileage bike.  With so many low mileage bikes available, a high mileage bike is going to be a tough sell.  Rather than getting some enjoyment out of the bike by actually riding it, a lot of people seem to park them in a garage so that when it’s time to sell, it’s in pristine condition with low miles.  At least the next owner can enjoy it.    Doesn’t make sense to me. 

Whether it’s being ridden or it’s  parked in the garage, all motorcycles depreciate in value over time.  You might as well get out and ride.  At least that way you get some enjoyment out of it.

My bikes have plenty of miles on them and are usually dirty from riding them.  I’m sure that the resale value has suffered, but I’ve enjoyed countless hours of riding in return.

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