Triumph Quick Shifter

Toward the end of last year’s riding season, I started doing  more clutchless shifting as I rode the Street Triple.  The sound and feel of quick up-shifts at 10,000+ RPM’s on the 675 cc triple is awesome.

Quick ShifterWinter in the Northeast leaves plenty of time for researching and planning mods and I ended up buying a Quick Shifter.  Installation was as simple as replacing the stock shifter rod and plugging it into the bike’s computer.   The Street Triple wiring harness is pre-wired for the quickshifter and the hardest part was finding the connector under the seat.

I haven’t yet taken it for a ride yet because it’s quite cold out and there’s still too much snow and ice around to ride safely.   I can’t wait to get out on the road again to give this a try.


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