Day 8 – 6/6/13

Well, I made it to Kaydee and Steve’s house and will be spending the weekend with the kids.  Today’s ride was mostly freeways making it a nice easy rode for the most part.

It was around 80 degrees outside when I left Sonora this morning as I headed South towards Los Angeles.  The first hour or two I rode through some nice hills and agricultural land with little traffic.  I had to follow a detour around a train derailment, but other than that, it was a nice easy ride.  By around 11:00 I got to the freeway (Rt 99) and began the long ride to LA.

It got pretty hot near Fresno with temperatures in the high 90’s for a couple of hours.  About an hour past Bakersfield the temperatures went down to the mid to high 80’s as I passed through the mountains and merged on to I5.

I hit some traffic going through Los Angeles that had traffic backed up for miles.  At one point, I had a red flashing light on the dash warning me that the bike was very hot.  Luckily, We got moving and it quickly cooled back down to a normal temperature.  Lane splitting is legal in CA but I found it to be very difficult to split lanes on the BMW.  The side bags stick out quite a ways and you need a fair amount of room between cars.  On the Harley, I would hit the throttle and make some noise so that cars would move over and give me enough room but that doesn’t work on the nearly silent BMW. My attempts at lane splitting were really more like weaving through traffic cutting people off.  I probably pissed off quite a few CA drivers.

It took me almost 40 minutes to get through two major traffic backups in LA.  I ended up getting to Kaydee and Steve’s house just after 4:30 pm.  I’ll be offline for a few days as I visit with family.

Miles today:
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States: CA

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