Day 6 – 6/4/13

Another fine day of riding today.

I left the hotel this morning and headed West on Rt. 191 toward Helper UT.  As is typical of this area, there were long straight stretches of highway leading to mountain passes.  It was sunny and 70 degrees making it an enjoyable ride.  From Helper, I took Rt 10 to Rt 31.  Rt 31 goes up over the mountains with the summit at about 9,500 feet.  At the summit, there were quite a few patches of snow remaining and it cooled down a bit to 59 degrees.  The end of Rt 31 is in Fairview UT where I stopped for gas.

From Fairview, I took Rt 89 to Salina and then went West on Rt 50.  Once I hit Rt 50, the day’s ride became a simply matter of going miles across flat straight desert roads to get to my next stop in E,ly NV where I stopped for the night.

Tomorrow, I’ll head across Nevada towards Sonoma, CA.  Most of the day will probably be long boring flat roads but I’m looking forward to going through Sonoma Pass late in the afternoon tomorrow.

Miles today: 465
Total miles: 3,102
States: UT, NV

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