Day 5 – 6/3/13

I love riding in Colorado.  I left the hotel this morning and headed North on Rt. 550 through Silverton and Ouray.  This stretch of road is known as “The Million Dollar Highway”.  It is one of the most scenic rides anywhere in the US.   I did this same ride a couple of years ago and have wanted to go back again ever since.  It can be a scary ride because it’s a narrow road with sharp turns and no guard rails to stop you from going off of steep cliffs.  However, the scenery is absolutely spectacular.  It’s a ride that I’ll do again someday.

I ended up in Montrose CO at around 11:00 am just as the hot weather started to settle in.  By the time I got to Grand Junction at about 2:00 it was a little over 90 degrees so I took  look at my road atlas and decided to head farther North to Colorado State Highway 139 towards Rangely CO.  This is another great road although it’s nothing like Rt 550.  Rt 139 goes through what I would call desert canyons.  It was however, much cooler.  For most of the 90 min. rid, it was in the mid 70’s to mid 80’s making it a very pleasant ride.

From Rangely, I  headed West on Rt 64 and stopped for the night in Vernal UT at about 5:00 pm.  A short day, but I was tired and Vernal was a convenient place to stay.

Now for a few random topics …

Haircut: Short hair is good.  It’s nice not to have to deal with a tangled rats-nest of hair after a long day of riding.

The Bike: The clock on the BMW automatically adjusts as I cross into new time zones.  This is really cool.  It also has a travel timer that tracks moving time and non-moving time.

Toyota Prius:  I saw a bright red Toyota Prius with a white racing stripe that went from the front bumper, over the roof, and to the rear bumper.  I’m guessing that the owner just has a sense of humor and doesn’t really think that a Prius is a “cool car”.

WTF???:  Just when you think you’ve seen it all…  I’m driving down Rt 550 this morning (a 2 lane highway) and I see a car trying to pass a dump truck and it quickly becomes obvious that there’s not enough room to make the pass.  Now, a normal person would hit the brakes and pull back behind the truck but this genius decides that the proper way to deal with a potential head-on collision with a motorcycle is to simply flash their headlights to make sure I know that they’re in my lane so that I’ll get out-of-the-way.    Fortunately there was a nice wide shoulder on the side of the road and I saw this problem coming (before the headlight flashing) and had time to slow down and move toward the shoulder.  The car pulled back into its own lane maybe 100-200 feet in front of me.  That’s a little close for comfort when both directions of traffic are travelling at 70 mph.

Tomorrow, I guess I’ll be riding through Utah.  Not sure where I’ll go but I’ve always enjoyed Utah so it should be a good day.

Miles today: 327
Total miles: 2,637
States: CO, UT



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