Day 2 – 5/31/13

As I left the motel for the second day of the ride, I decided to head a bit south and ride towards St. Louis in order to avoid rain and cool weather to the North.  I took I71 South and merged with the 18-wheelers that seem to dominate I70.

The weather was in the mid 80’s and by early afternoon, I started running into light/moderate rain.  The rain gear went on and off a couple of times during the day and my gloves got wet and dried out 3 or 4 times.  There were a few areas of road construction that slowed traffic down to 50 mph but for the most part, It was a nice easy ride.  I did hit some traffic in St. Louis, but I expected that since I went through the city at about 4:30.

About an hour west of St. Louis, the sky turned dark black and I hit some heavy rain so I got off at the next exit thinking that I would sit out the worst of the storm.  This exit off of the interstate didn’t appear to have any gas stations or other businesses nearby so I pulled into a parking lot of what looked like a town highway department right near the exit ramp and parked the bike.  A couple of other cars pulled in alongside of me and there were cars and trucks lined up along the side of the road on the exit ramp to wait out the storm as well.

As it turns out, it was probably a good thing that I stopped when I did because the wind started blowing and I had to hold the bike to keep if from blowing over in the pouring rain.  I must have looked pretty sad just standing there in the wind, rain, thunder, and lightning.

After about 30 minutes, the storm subsided a little and I decided to get back on the bike and on the road.  The rain was still quite heavy and visibility was pretty bad so I turned the flashers on and rode at about 50 mph.  After about 15 miles of this, I saw that the next exit had some hotels and decided to call it a day and stop for the night in Kingdom City MO.  It was only about 6:30 when I stopped for the the night making it a short day.  I wanted to get farther west today but road construction, traffic, and weather limited the miles traveled today.  Hopefully, I can make up some time tomorrow.

Miles today: 596
Total miles: 1,163
States traveled: OH, IN, IL, MO


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