Cycle Hill Tire Changer

I did my first tire change using the Cycle Hill tire changer yesterday morning.   I’ve never changed a motorcycle tire before so I don’ have anything to compare it to but I can say, it seems to work rather well.  I watched the videos included with the tire changer and went out to the garage to get started.

I used a couple of wood blocks under the tire to keep the brake rotor off the floor when breaking the bead.  The bead breaker was easy enough to use and within a minute or two, both sides of the tire were done.

Mounting the rim to the tire changer was simple enough.  I wasn’t sure just how tight the rim clamps needed to be so I just snugged then down and started working on removing the tire.  I sprayed some of the tire lube around the top bead, inserted the bar and soon realized that the clamps needed to be tightened up a bit.  A couple of minutes later, the tire was off of the rim.

Mounting the new tire proved to be more of a challenge.  The bottom bead went on easily but getting the top bead onto the rim took some effort.  Eventually, I got the technique correct and the tire went onto the rim.  This is the part that will take some practice.

I used a static balancer to balance the tire, re-installed it and moved on to the rear tire.  The rear tire went about the same.  Easy to remove but I struggled a little with getting the top bead onto the rim.  I’m convinced that the tool works well and I just need to learn the proper technique because once I got it right, the top bead went right onto the rim.

It took me about an hour to remove the wheel  from the bike, dismount the old tire, mount the new tire, balance the tire, and then re-install the wheel.  I’m confident that it will be quicker and easier the next time.

I’m glad I got this tire changer.  It worked well, is solidly built, and doesn’t take up much room in the garage.  With the number of tires that I’ll go through on the K1600, it’ll pay for itself in about a year.



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