Setting up a ridiculous electronics package.

Over the winter I started developing a plan to hook up a complete wireless electronics package on the K1600 GTL.  The bike has built-in bluetooth capabilities providing a foundation to build upon.   My goals were to have music, phone, navigation, and a CB radio all playing through a Bluetooth headset.

The list of devices includes:

1. All of the functions included on the bike –  AM/FM radio, iPod, satellite radio and BMW Navigator.
2. Galaxy S3 phone (cell phone and wifi hotspot)
3. Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus tablet (mp3 player, Pandora, Google Maps)
4. CB Radio

The first item I had to get was a Bluetooth headset.  I settled on a UClear HBC100 Helmet Communicator due to its small size, reasonable cost ($150), and its unobtrusive microphone.  After charging it up and installing it in the helmet, I paired it to the bike.  Locating the speakers inside the helmet took quite a bit of trial and error in order to get the best quality sound.   In the end, I guess I’d have to characterize the music quality as acceptable.

Now that the Bluetooth headset was working, it was time to add more devices.  When I take my cross-country trips, I like having a CB so that I can monitor traffic and road hazard reports from truckers.  I also find some of the conversations entertaining which helps to pass the time across the flat, straight, and boring midwest roads.  After some online research, I settled on a Midland model 75-822 handheld radio.  It’s a 40 channel battery-powered radio with a scanner and weather band radio built-in.

Mounting all of these electronic gizmos required a vast array of Ram mounts and cables.  I looked at what seemed like hundreds of types of  cables and mounting options and came up with a plan.  A couple of cables and splitters were routed from the aux port, under the body panels, and zip tied to the handle bars.  Short cords were used to hook up the tablet and CB.

With all of these battery-powered devices, I also needed to work out a charging solution so I also bought a dash mount dual USB charger, mounted it to the handlebars, and hard-wired it to the battery.

I now have all of my electronic gadgets mounted and powered.  Once the weather improves, I’ll go for a ride and see how everything works.

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