First Round of Customizations for the K1600

Within the first couple of weeks after purchasing the BMW I added  a few basic items that I consider necessary for long distance riding.

A cup holder was the first thing that needed to be added.  It took a few days and some creativity to figure out how to mount a cup holder but in the end, I found an inexpensive bicycle cup holder and mounted it to the inside of the left hand fairing.  This actually worked out quite well because it’s easy to reach and did not require drilling any holes in my new bike.

The next thing I did was to replace the odd BMW power outlet with a standard 12v socket.  This was installed in the same location as the BMW power outlet and wired directly to the battery so that I can plug-in and charge my cell phone while the bike is parked.  The 12v socket is slightly larger than the BMW power outlet so I had to enlarge the hole slightly to get it to fit. Overall, it was a simple conversion that allows me to use existing 12v chargers and accessories without the use of an adapter.

The final task was to wire up a socket for my heated jacket and add a battery tender lead.

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