Day 14 – 6/14/12

The weather was perfect for riding today.  As I continue to ride east, the traffic is getting heavier and the speed limit has gone from 75 to 70 and finally, down to 65.  After driving at 75-80 for so long, 65 MPH feels slow.  There was a stretch of highway in Illinois were the police were out in force handing out speeding tickets.  This, combined with the increased traffic forced me to I keep to the speed limit for most of the day.

I crossed the Mississippi river and into Indiana at around 12:30 this afternoon.   I started hearing about a traffic backup just before I got to Terre Haute on the CB radio so I exited the interstate and took a detour to miss the traffic.  Getting off of the highway for a little while was kind of relaxing. 

Sometime in mid-afternoon my phone decided to start acting up.  For some reason, it doesn’t seem to be charging properly and is draining the battery very quickly.  It’s charging, but charges slowly and only when the screen is off.  This is rather inconvenient because I’m relying on the phone for navigation. 

I ended up in Columbus OH for the night.  This leaves about 650 miles or about 11 hours to get home. 

Miles today: 761
Total miles: 6,014
States: MO, IL, IN, OH

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