Day 12 – 6/12/12

After spending the weekend with Kaydee, Steve, and Alida it’s time to head home.  I’m planning to make the trip home in 4 days staying on interstate highways.  I’m not sure how well my repairs will hold up so I want to stay on major roads on weekdays just in case I have more trouble.

In order to make the 2,900 mile trip in 4 days, I need to average a little over 700 miles a day.  I started at about 8:00 this morning and headedtowards I40.  By noon it was 105 degrees as I rode through the desert in eastern CA and into AZ. 

It cooled down to about 95 as I went into higher elevations making for a pleasant ride for most of the afternoon.  The speed limit is 75 across most of AZ and NM so i was able to make good progress today going a bit over 800 miles. I was able to get to Albaquerque NM were I stopped for the night.

The bike ran fine today so I’ll keep my fingars crossed and hope for another good day tomorrow.

Miles today: 831
Total miles: 4,466
States: CA, AZ, NM

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