Day 5 – 6/5/12

I left the hotel this morning and headed toward the Grand Teton National Park.  Most of the ride was through remote areas with not much to look at other than the cattle, horses, and pronghorn antelopes.  It was nice and sunny and the air was a bit cool so it was quite comfortable riding with my jacket on.  After about 4 hours, I started seeing the mountains off in the distance. 

The Tetons are beautiful.

I ate lunch in Jackson WY and then headed to Montpelier ID on rt 89.  This road ranks as one of the best and most scenic rides anywhere in the US.  It follows the Snake River for a while and goes through the Targhee Nat’l forest, the Caribou Nat’l forest and the Bridger Nat’l forest.  Outstanding ride. 

From Montpelier I continued on 89 south toward Brigham City UT.  As I reached Bear Lake, the wind picked up and made staying on the road quite challenging.  I’m guessing the the wind was steady at 30 MPH with gusts of 40+ MPH.  As I passed side roads the dirt picked up by the wind felt like needles sticking me in the side of my face.  Thankfully, about 10 miles later the wind died down to reasonable levels.

About 20 miles north of Brigham City it cooled off significantly and I started hitting rain.  I had put my rain gear on about an hour earlier because the radar showed that some light rain was a definite possibility.  The connector on my heated jacket isn’t working and looks pretty rusty inside so no heated gear right now.  At first the rain was light but as I went over a mountain pass, it got heavier and colder.  Eventually, I had to pull over and put my heavy gloves on because I couldn’t see too well and my hands were getting numb.  As I stopped on the side of the road I realized why I was so cold  – it wasn’t just rain, it was a mix of rain, sleet, and snow.  I’m guessing that the temperature was somewhere in the mid 30’s. 

When I got out of the mountains and into Brigham City I stopped to get coffee, warm up, and wait for the rest of the rain to pass.  I booked a hotel room and called it a day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer.

Miles today: 541
Total miles: 2,788
States: WY, ID, UT

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  1. Great place to ride. That was a nice long ride through pure wondrous territory. I never minded rain when its above 95 degrees but getting wet in the cold with out rain gear is no joy.

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