The technology used in my travels …

I’m sitting here in Jackson WY just outside of the Grand Teton National Park where I’ve stopped for lunch.  I thought I’d take a few minutes to describe the various gadgets that I’m using as I travel.

By far, the most critical device is my Droid X2 phone.  The phone is used as a GPS (Google Maps), music player (Cloudskipper and Pandora), Ulyses Speedometer to track speed, direction ad altitude, and of course, it’s used as a phone.   I also use Weatherbug to monitor the radar map s that I can see where it’s raining and alter my course to avoid storms. 

In addition to the X2, I’m travelling with my Samsung Galaxy tablet.  I use the tablet to write these blog posts, surf the internet, and read news and books.  The Galaxy tablet is wifi only so in the event wifi is not available, I can turn the phone into a hotspot to share the internet conection with the tablet.

The final gadget I have with me is my iPod Touch.  This is pretty much used to make video calls to my daughter using Face time. 

Verizon coverage for both voice and data is very good.  I’m amazed that I have coverage in the remote areas I’ve travelled.  I’m rarely without voice and 3g data.

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