Day 3 -6/3/12

I left the hotel at 8:30 this morning and headed west on I90.  The weather today was perfect for riding.  I only encountered a short patch of very light rain, the rest of the day was warm and sunny.

image Late in the afternoon while riding through central South Dakota, I spent a couple of hours killing lots of bugs.  After inspecting the carnage splattered on the windshield, fairing, ad lowers, it appears that I’ve slaughtered hundreds of honey bees. It’s one big sticky mess spread across the front of the bike.

I stopped for the night in Rapid City SD which is just a few miles from Sturgis.  I think I’ll take a ride through the Black Hills tomorrow before heading into Wyoming.

Miles today: 707
Total miles: 1899
States: WI, MN, SD

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