Day 2 – 6/2/12

I was glad to see that the rain had passed by overnight and the sun was shining when I woke up this morning.  It was a bit cool, about 48, when I got on the road at 8:30.  I headed north from Akron toward I90.   There was a pretty stiff head wind that really killed my fuel mileage.  I got 29-30 MPG for the first two tanks of gas.  For quite a while, I had to cruise in 5th gear because the bike wouldn’t go 75 up any type of hill when it was in 6th gear.

I hit Chicago at about 2:00 andran into heavy traffic.   I’ve been through here a few times before and never had much of a problem with traffic but this time it took over an hour to go 3 miles.  The the heat management system kicked in a number of times so I started shutting the bike off whenever I could.   Once I got through this traffic, I hit another batch of traffic a couple of miles down the road.  This time, I got through it in about 20 minutes.   Altogether, I wasted around a hour and a half to getting through Chicago.

After Chicago, it was smooth sailing for the remainder of the day.  The landscape is starting to open up and I’m seeing a lot of farmland.  I stopped for the night in Tomah Wisconsin.  Tomorrow I’ll be headed out onto the plains.  I’m going to ride towards Wyoming and the Teaton National Park.  I haven’t been to Wyoming in a few years so that seems like as good a destination as any.

Miles today: 638
Total miles: 1,192
States: OH, IL, WI

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