Day 1 – 6/1/12

I got on the road for this year’s ride just before 9:00.  I headed toward Bingamtom on I88 and then 17 turning south into Pennsylvania onto rt220 near Elmira just east of the large area of rain that I could see on the radar map.  I did my best to stay away from the rain for a few hours heading in the general direction of Altoona.  I rode some secondary roads through Pa until about 2:30 when I decided it was time to turn west on I80.  I put my rain gear on and prepared to get wet.

Almost immediately after turning west, it started raining.  For the remainder of the day, I rode through a variety of light, moderate, and heavy rain storms.  The temperature was in the mid 50’s so it was not exactly a pleasant ride.  I stopped for the night about 10 miles east of Akron OH.  I’m looking forward to sme drier riding tommorrow.

Miles today: 554
Total miles: 554
States: NY, PA, OH

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