Day 14 – 6/14/12

The weather was perfect for riding today.  As I continue to ride east, the traffic is getting heavier and the speed limit has gone from 75 to 70 and finally, down to 65.  After driving at 75-80 for so long, 65 MPH feels slow.  There was a stretch of highway in Illinois were the police were out in force handing out speeding tickets.  This, combined with the increased traffic forced me to I keep to the speed limit for most of the day.

I crossed the Mississippi river and into Indiana at around 12:30 this afternoon.   I started hearing about a traffic backup just before I got to Terre Haute on the CB radio so I exited the interstate and took a detour to miss the traffic.  Getting off of the highway for a little while was kind of relaxing. 

Sometime in mid-afternoon my phone decided to start acting up.  For some reason, it doesn’t seem to be charging properly and is draining the battery very quickly.  It’s charging, but charges slowly and only when the screen is off.  This is rather inconvenient because I’m relying on the phone for navigation. 

I ended up in Columbus OH for the night.  This leaves about 650 miles or about 11 hours to get home. 

Miles today: 761
Total miles: 6,014
States: MO, IL, IN, OH


Day 13- 6/13/12

I left just before 8:00 this morning and merged onto I40 east towards Texas.  It was a little cool until around noon when I was able to stop and take my jacket off.  The rest of the day was perfect riding weather – not too hot and not too cool.

Somewhere in Texas, or maybe it was in Oklahoma I really don’t know where I was, I saw that there was a long section of traffic on Google Maps.  I found an alternate route that went around the traffic  and got off of the interstate highway and on to Rt. 66.  This brought me around the 5 mile traffic jam and back on to I40.

Gas prices in Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri are the lowest I’ve seen and there are places where you can still get 100% gas without the ethanol.  I saw prices as low as $3.19 for regular gas.  This is a full dollar cheaper than in California where gas was well over $4.00 a gallon.

Late in the afternoon I finally exited I40.  I had been going east on 40 for around 1,200 miles so it was kind of nice to finally merge onto another road.  I’m now travelling east on I44.

I stopped for the night in Joplin MO at around 9:00pm having travelled another 787 miles today.

Miles today: 787
Total miles: 5,253
States: AZ, TX, OK, MO

Day 12 – 6/12/12

After spending the weekend with Kaydee, Steve, and Alida it’s time to head home.  I’m planning to make the trip home in 4 days staying on interstate highways.  I’m not sure how well my repairs will hold up so I want to stay on major roads on weekdays just in case I have more trouble.

In order to make the 2,900 mile trip in 4 days, I need to average a little over 700 miles a day.  I started at about 8:00 this morning and headedtowards I40.  By noon it was 105 degrees as I rode through the desert in eastern CA and into AZ. 

It cooled down to about 95 as I went into higher elevations making for a pleasant ride for most of the afternoon.  The speed limit is 75 across most of AZ and NM so i was able to make good progress today going a bit over 800 miles. I was able to get to Albaquerque NM were I stopped for the night.

The bike ran fine today so I’ll keep my fingars crossed and hope for another good day tomorrow.

Miles today: 831
Total miles: 4,466
States: CA, AZ, NM

Day 10 – 6/10/12

We spent the day yesterday celebrating Alida’s 2nd birthday.  Her party was at the Great Park, an old airport that was converted to a public park.  There’s a merry-go-round for the kids to ride.  There’s also a huge orange helium balloon with a gondola that you can go up in.  It’s tethered to the ground and they give rides in it as long as it’s not too windy.

Alida had a great time and got a bunch of nice new stuff.  She really liked going down the slide at the playground.

This morning I took the bike out for a ride to see if my repairs were going to work out.  So far so good.  With a bit of luck I should make it home without any more trouble.

Day 7 – 6/7/12

When I left Las Vegas this morning, it seemedlik it would be a nice easy 5 hour ride to Kaydee’s house.  I’ve made this same trip a few times in the past and the road from Vegas to LA has become familiar.   I had enough gas so I didn’t fill up in Vegas and instead, got onto I15 and headed out into the desert. 

After about a hour and a half, I needed to get gas so I stopped in Baker CA to fill up.  When i pulled up to the pumps, the bike seemed to be idling a bit lower than normal.  I didn’t think much of it at the time but this was a sign of the trouble that was soon to come.

I filled up the tank and got a cup of coffee for the road and started to take off.  All of the sudden, I lost power and heard a loud putt-putt-putt noise coming from the motor.  I knew from the sound that i had just lost a spark plug.  I coasted to stop in the Alien Beef Jerky parking lot and got off the bike.  Sure enough, the spark plug was hanging from the plug wire and dangling alongside the motor.  The motor and plug were pretty hot.   

According to the signs along the road, Alien Beef Jerky is the best jerky in the universe so I took this as a sign and went inside and bought some beef jerky to kill time and let things cool down a little. 

I started checking out the bike and was pleasantly surprised to see that there were still threads in the heads.  I carefully put the plug back and tightened it down hoping for the best.  I have no idea how the plug losened up and backed all the way out of the head.  The plugs were changed in March so it’s probably gone about 7-8k miles since they were changed.

I cautiously headed back out into the desert and prayed that I’d be able to make it the remaining 180 miles without any more trouble. 

Thankfully, I made it to Kaydee’s house without any more trouble.  I need to take a better look at things to verify that the plug is fully seated.  It’s hard to see down there so I’m still not 100% sure that the threads are completely undamaged. I’m not sure that I want to take the plug out because I’m afraid that it won’t go back in again.  The bike does seem to be idling normally so maybe it’s OK.  We’ll see.

I was lucky that this happened when and where it did. There was no traffic and I had a parking lot to work on the bike.  If this had happened on the freeway at 75mph with lots of traffic and I had to fix it on the shoulder, it would have been much more of a problem.  

Miles today:
Total miles:
States: NV, CA