Day 7 – 6/8/11

I took off this morning and headed west n I40 towards Flagstaff, Arizona.   When i reached Flagstaff, I turned south and took Rt 89a towards Sodona.  It was a very nice ride through mountain canyons with nice twisty roads.

Sedona is a beautiful town surrounded by the mountains.  By the looks of the houses, it appears to be an expensive place to live.  There are some nice small shops along the main street through the center of town that again, give me the impression that it takes quite a bit of money to live here.

From Sodona, I continued down 89a towards Prescott AZ.  Again, there were some great roads with sharp turns up the side of mountains and through the mountains.  The temperature in the 70’s making for a comfortable ride.

After Prescott, I turned southwest along Rt 60 towards I10.  The landscape turned into desert and the temperature went up into the mid-high 90’s.  I took I10 towards Los Angeles.  I stopped in Indio CA to fillup the gas tank one last time before arriving at Kaydee and Steve’s house.  Around Palm Springs, the wind started picking up.  I’m guessing that there was probably a good 30mph headwind as I was going up the mountains toward Riverside.  Between the heavy winds and the uphill grade over the mountains, the bike was using a lot of gas.  After only 45 miles, the gas gauge was at 1/2 tank remaining.  Fortunately, the wind subsided and I started going down hill and I made it to Kaydee’s house without having to stop again.

Miles Today: 557
Total Miles: 3,921
States: NM, AZ, CA



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