Day 5 – 6/6/11

I got started at about 8:30 this morning and headed towards west on Rt 180 across west Texas.  There’s not a lot to see in this part of Texas.  It’s mostly flat, featureless land dominated by mesquite trees.   The roads are straight with any curves, turns, or other change in direction are few and far between. The weather was good and temperatures started out in the mid 80’s and rose to the mid 90’s as the day progressed.

When I got to Albany, TX I headed a little north to Rt 380 and continued across the rest of Texas.  At some point, I began seeing large fields that were being plowed.  I kept seeing what looked like cotton balls mixed in with the freshly turned soil.  Eventually I stopped alongside the road and walked over to the field and found that it was indeed cotton.

I continued into New Mexico on Rt 380 stopping in Roswell NM.  I bought a couple of shirts at the Roswell Harley Davidson dealer and then went and got something to eat.   Roswell is a good sized town that not surprisingly, has a number of UFO related shops and attractions.

From Roswell, I headed southwest n Rt 70 towards Las Cruces.  About 20 miles from Roswell, I rode into some mountains. I was nice to get away from the long, straight, desolate roads and into some more scenic areas.  The scenery combined with temperatures in the mid 80’s made the last hour of the day quite enjoyable.

I stopped for the night in a town called Ruidoso at around 7:00 mountain time.   The forecast for tomorrow looks good with temperatures in the mid 80’s.  There are some large wildfires in Arizona so tomorrow’s ride may get smokey.

Miles Today: 561
Total Miles: 2,902
States: TX, NM

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