Day 3 – 6/4/11

Today’s ride was hot, really hot.

I left around 8:00 and headed South toward Lawley, AL which is near the Talladega Nat’l Forest.    From there, I took Rt 183 to Rt 80 to Demopolis.   It was quite comfortable riding until 10:00 when all f the sudden, the temperature started rising fast.  By 11:00 it was 94 degrees and still getting warmer.     At noon, it was 97 degrees and still getting hotter.   The heat, combined with the humidity made riding very uncomfortable.  I stopped about once an hour just to find something cold to drink and cool off in and air conditioned place.  

From Demopolis I took Rt 43 South to Rt 84 West and continued on this road all the way across Mississippi.  I could 0nly ride for about an hour before I had to stop to cool off.  I’ve come to like McDonalds frozen strawberry lemonade.

There are lots of churches in Alabama and Mississippi.  Sometimes there were 5 or 6 churches within sight of each other with the majority of them being Baptist churches.   There are many places where you see 3 Baptist churches located directly next to each other.

At one of my water stops, I met a nice gentleman from Birmingham who said that this was unusually hot weather for this time of the year and more like August weather.  He had just passed through a town where the thermometer at the bank said it was 104 degrees.

Just before reaching Natchez, I turned North on 61 to Vicksburg where I stopped for the night.

Miles Today: 503
Total Miles: 1,807
States: AL, MS


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