Day 1 – 6/2/11

After taking a quick look at the map, I decided to head towards Charleston, West Virginia.   The GPS said I could be there by 7:00pm.  I was packed and ready to go by 9:00am so I started the bike and headed out for a nice long ride.

It was a bit cool this morning – only about 57 degrees when I left.  I took the Thruway to Newburg and then went West on I84 towards Scranton, PA.    By about 1:30 it had warmed up to about 75 making it a great day for a ride.  From Scranton, I took  I81 South to I70West and then I68 West through Maryland to Morgantown WV.   I turned South on I79 towards Charleston, West Virginia and ended up stopping for the night in Elkview, WV at around 8:30.  Elkview is about 20 miles North of Charleston, WV.

I didn’t hit any traffic or road construction so I was able to go 694 miles today.  It wasn’t the most exciting ride because it was all interstate highways but I did get farther than i thought I would.

Miles Today: 694
Total Miles: 694
States: NY, PA, MD, WV

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