Day 17 – 8/20/10

I left a little before 8:00 this morning.  It was only about 55 degrees so I dressed warm and headed back out on to 160.   When I got to Del Norte, I turned on to 112 and then on to 285.  Most of the ride was across flat farm land with the mountains off to the side.  When I got to Poncha Springs, I turned east on 50 towards Canon City.  Again, it was mostly flat farmland and not all that scenic. 

About 1:00 I decided that I’d start heading home.  The GPS said I was about 1,800 miles from home and I figured that if I could get a couple of hundred miles out of the way today, I’d be able to make it home by Sunday evening. 

I stopped about 6:00 because I could see storm clouds, lightning, and a rainbow to the east and rather than ride into the rain, I decided to stop for the night instead.  I’m about 1,450 miles from home now in Salina Kansas. 

Miles Today: 642
Total Miles: 7,338
States: CO, KS

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