Day 14 – 8/17/10 (Part 2)

The laptop is working again so I’ll take a few minutes to catch up on some the details from yesterday’s ride. 

SDC10855 Rt. 395 lies east of the Sierra Nevada mountains and takes you through flat desert land with the mountains visible at all times.  I’m not a big fan of riding in the desert but it’s unavoidable in the western part of the US.  It was a bit odd riding through the hot, dry desert with patches of snow visible in the mountains.  I rode for quite a few hours alongside these mountains thinking about how nice it would be to ride in the cool air up in the mountains.  Eventually, the road starts climbing into the mountains and and the scenery becomes more to my liking.  Trees start to appear, the straight roads turn into nice long sweeping curves, and the brown landscape turns more green.

SDC10883I left 395 temporarily to get gas in Mammoth Lake.  The air cooled down and became quite pleasant and at this point, I’ve ascended to about 7,500 feet above sea level.  The roads are nice winding mountain roads that meander between lakes through a forest filled with Ponderosa Pines.  This is a beautiful area with plenty of campgrounds, hiking paths, and paved two lane bike paths running through the woods.  Since i wanted to get to Reno before stopping for the night, I only rode about 10 miles and turned around and returned to 395.

I spend the next few hours riding through the mountains on 395 crossing into Nevada and finally to Reno.  Since I was in Reno, I decided to stay in one of the resort casinos.  I’m not really a gambler so I didn’t play any games but I did spend a bit of time wandering around watching people feeding coins into slot machines and playing the various games. 

Miles Today: 540
Total Miles: 5,620
States: CA, NV


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