Day 3 – 8/6/10

I got out on the road around 8:00 this morning and headed West on I94.  The weather was a little on the cool side most of the day.  Around 5:00 it finally got warm enough to take my jacket off. 

I took I94 from St. Cloud to Fargo MN and then headed North toward Grand Forks on I29.  Once I got to Grand Forks, I turned West on RT 2 and went all the way across North Dakota and into Montana.  RT 2 goes through vast areas of farmland dominated by wheat fields.  In addition to wheat, there were large fields of soybeans, sunflowers, and hay. 

It’s amazing to see 2 or 3 combines out in a field harvesting grain.  You see a huge cloud of dust in the distance before you can actually see the combines out in the field.  The size of some of these fields can be measured in miles. 

RT 2 was a nice 4 lane highway all the way through North Dakota and changed into a 2 lane road in Montana.  There was very little traffic and the only trucks on the road were hauling grain from the fields.   The road goes along the southern part of the Fort Beck Indian Reservation and towns are few and far between out in this part of the country with 30-40 miles between them being quite common.

Around 6:30 in the evening, I started looking for a place to say for the night.  I was a bit concerned because the GPS wasn’t showing many places along RT 2 and I was starting to think that I’d be pitching the tent tonight.  After about an hour of riding along looking for a motel, I saw a a clock at a bank and realized that I must have crossed into mountain time and actually had an extra hour.  This was good news because there was a decent size town called Glasgow about 80 miles down the road which is where I ended up stopping for the day at around 7 pm.  

I got a room and went to the hotel restaurant to have dinner.  While I was eating, I started seeing lightning out the window and before I finished eating, it was pouring outside.  After dinner, it got very windy and there was thunder, lightning, and heavy rain.  Since my room was in a building about 100 feet from the restaurant, I sat down and talked to an older gentleman from Minnesota.  He’s  a farmer and I learned a lot about farming in the Midwest.   I talked to him for about an hour as I waited for the rain to let up so that I could get back to my room.   

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to make it to Glacier National Park.  I’m not sure exactly how much farther it is from here but it looks like it’s going to be another 6-8 hours. 

Miles Today: 758
Total Miles: 2,123
States: MN, ND, MT


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