Day 2 – 8/5/10

It was another nice day for a ride today.  I left a little before 8am this morning and headed West on I90 again.  At the first gas stop, my credit card was declined so I had to spend some time on the phone getting that taken care of.  It wasn’t altogether unexpected as this always seems to happen on the second day.  Apparently, the people who add the notes to the account cannot stop the security people from “flagging” the card for fraud.  Since this is the third year this has happened, I knew it would happen.

I got to Chicago around 11am and ran into some mid-day traffic.  I spent about 30 minutes going 10-20 mph through the city.  It wasn’t too hot out and I really never had to come to a complete stop so it could have been a lot worse.  Once i got past Chicago, it was smooth going for the rest of the day. 

Throughout the day, each time I checked the gas mileage, I got around 36mpg which isn’t too bad considering I was going 70-75 mph most of the day. The new bike is slightly better on gas than the old bike despite the fact that it’s heavier and has the bigger motor.  

I’ve come to like the CB radio.  Some of the truck drivers I’ve heard over the past couple of days are quite entertaining.  Their chatter includes everything from cursing out cars for slowing them down or not letting them into another lane, to the best places to eat, to politics.  As far as politics are concerned, I didn’t hear any of them speak favorably of the current government representatives.

Speaking of the radio – the display on my radio is acting strange.  I get lots of stray lines flashing on and off and I’ve also seen it go completely blank a few times.  The sound is fine but the screen is getting flaky.  Hopefully it will keep working until I get back home and get it to the dealer to have them look at it.

When I got into Wisconsin, I headed West on I94 which goes a bit more North through St. Paul and Minneapolis.  I stopped for the night in St. Cloud MN. 

I moved from Eastern time to Central time sometime this afternoon so I picked up an extra hour of riding time.  The GPS has a feature that records trip details.  The summary for today shows the following:

  • Total Time: 12 hours 51 minutes
  • Moving Time: 11 hours 21 minutes
  • Stopped: 1 hour 29 minutes
  • Moving Average: 63.3 mph
  • Overall Average: 56.0 mph

I’ll probably stay on I94 for a while tomorrow as I go through North Dakota into Montana.  I’m thinking about going farther North to Rt 2. It looks like that road goes West along the Canadian Border. 

Miles Today: 745
Total Miles: 1,365
States: OH, IN, IL, WI, MN


3 thoughts on “Day 2 – 8/5/10”

  1. Wow! That’s lots of progress, fast! Sounds like your stereo is doing the same thing ours did before the display completely died… we’re still waiting for the replacement on that (dealer won’t fix it, they replace it under warranty).

    What? No pictures? lol

  2. The first few days go by fast since I”m just trying to get to the Rocky Mountains. I never feel the urge to explore the mid-west.

    the stereo is still working so I can only hope that it holds out until I get back home.

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