Summer 2010 Ride

A little more than a week from now on August 4th, I’ll once again be making the journey from New York to California on my motorcycle. I’ll be preparing the bike for the trip by replacing the tires, changing fluids, etc.  I’ve put about 13K miles on the 2010 Ultra Classic since i purchased it in January so the timing works out well because the rear tire is just about worn out anyway.  The Dunlop tires on the new bikes seem to last quite well.  If I wasn’t going on a long trip, I’d probably be able to get 15K – 16K out of the rear tire. 

As in past years, I don’t have a specific route in mind other than to arrive at my daughter’s house in California about midway into the trip.  Along the way, I’d like to find a route that brings me through the following places:

  • Devils Tower
  • Tioga Pass
  • Sonora Pass
  • Yosemite
  • Lake Tahoe
  • NV RT 50 – The Loneliest Road
  • Colorado 550 from Ouray to Silverton "Million Dollar Highway"
  • Glacier Nat’l Park – Going to the Sun Road / Trans Mountain Highway

I’ll be taking my laptop with me and will be posting updates to the blog as I travel so check back each day to follow along with me.