New Exhaust

About a week ago, I got new mufflers for my 2010 Limited.  They’re Jackpot mufflers from FuelMoto and have slash-up tips.  When I first started up the bike after installing them, they seemed to be very quiet – about the same as stock.  After a week of riding, they’ve become a bit louder but not too loud.  The sound is right between stock and Rineharts which is good for me.

I also added a high flow air cleaner and Power Commander V.  The PCV has a feature that allows you to switch between two separate fuel maps so I have one map loaded that is for power and another map that is tuned for MPG.  I mounted a switch on the left saddlebag guard making it very simple to switch maps as I ride down the road.  The fuel maps provided by FuelMoto seem to be working well with no decel popping and good throttle response.