New Ultra Classic Limited

Over the winter, I decided it was time for a new bike. I had pretty much settled on an Ultra Classic and was thinking of getting a leftover ’09 when I saw the new 2010 Ultra Classic Limited. After a couple of days of research, I decided that was the bike for me. So, about a week later, I went ahead and bought a Vivid Black/Black Ice Pearl Limited.

The color takes some getting used to – I actually prefer black over most colors. The Black Ice Pearl color has a lot of metal flake in it and changes between blue and purple as you move around the bike. The more I look at it the more I like it.

I haven’t ridden it much yet, only a couple of hundred miles, but so far I really like the 103 motor, 6 speed tranny and heated grips. I also bought a heated jacket liner for those days when it’s cold outside and transferred some of the accessories from my ’06 to the new bike.

This new bike should be nice when I go for my cross country ride this summer – I just need to figure out what route to take on the way out to California.

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