Day 12 – 8/10/09

I left at around 7 am this  morning and headed towards the Joshua Tree National Park in sourthern California.  Along the way, I passed a large wind farm where there were hundreds of wind power generators.

While the Joshua Tree National Park doesn’t have the same spectacular scenery as some of the other parks I’ve been to, it does highlight the beauty of the desert.  The main features of the landscape appear to be large piles of huge boulders surrounded by desert.  There weren’t many people at this park so it was easy to park and I didn’t have to fight the crowds as was the case in Zion.

Abandoned Gold MineI went for a couple of short hikes – one through Hidden Valley (about a mile) and another to an abandoned gold mine (about 2 miles).  While it was hot, it was bearable as long as I drank plenty of water.  As I walked towards the old mine, I found it difficult to follow the trails.  There seemed to be trails going in every direction throughout the desert.  I took some pictures and headed back towards the parking lot.  It seemed to be even harder to follow the trail out of the desert and I was a bit concerned about getting lost and having limited water.  I did make it back to the bike and continued my tour of the park.

Route 66 through the desertBack out on the road, I traveled part of Route 66 through the California and Arizona desert.  It was a long, hot ride down straight, flat roads.  I always have a few bottles of water with me as I ride through the desert.  It doesn’t take long for a bottle of water to become a bottle of hot water when it’s 100+ degrees outside.

I ended up stopping about 30 miles west of Flagstaff AZ.

  • States: CA, AZ
  • Miles Travelled Today: 488
  • Total Miles: 4,602

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  1. hey mark
    good to see your still having a ball out there!
    ginger is sending pat this link and ndrew also.
    stay safe man.

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