Day 9 – 8/7/09

I left Las Vegas this morning and headed south on I-15 towards Los Angeles.  It was about 75 degrees and sunny (last year, it was over 100 degrees sunny when I took this same route) making the ride across the Mojave Desert rather pleasant.    The wind had died down from yesterday so it was a nice pleasant ride.  I stopped in Victorville, CA to get oil and a filter so that I can do an oil change this weekend.

I got to Mission Viejo at around 2:30 and since Steve and Kaydee were still at work, I found a car wash and washed 2,000 miles of dirt, grime, grasshoppers, and other decaying matter off of the bike.  It took me a bit over an hour to get it reasonably clean.  When grasshoppers cook onto chrome pipes, it takes a bit of elbow grease to get them off.

Steve and Kaydee took me to Angels Staduim in Anahiem to see the Angels play the Texas Rangers.  It was the first time I had ever been to a Major League Baseball game and it was actually quite enjoyable.  Unfortunately, the Angels lost the game but the fireworks a the end of the game were a winner.

  • States:  NV, CA
  • Miles Travelled Today: 309
  • Total Miles: 4,114

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