Day 5 – 8/3/09

I got started around 9:00 am today under clear skies.  As I rode West on Rt 50/400 across seemingly endless miles of straight highway,  my legs were constantly being hit by grasshoppers.  I’m sure glad I have a windshield.

There are many large feedlots with thousands of cows in large pens.  You always know when one of these is nearby – you can smell them from a mile a way.

As I crossed from Kansas into Colorado, it was about 100 degrees and getting warmer.  The eastern part of Colorado is just as flat as Kansas and I was really getting tired of riding down straight roads.  I found myself looking forward to every slight bend in the road just to break-up the boredom of the ride.

A storm on the horizonAt some point, I saw an isolated storm cloud on the horizon.  It was a small storm cloud, but it was definitely producing rain and I was almost hoping to drive through it in order to get out of the hot blazing sun.  Just when it looked like I was going to miss the rain, the wind started getting very strong and I saw a few raindrops on the windshield.  Within a few seconds, the wind got so strong that I and to slow down and lean to the right just to keep going straight.  I’m guessing that the wind was probably about 50-60 mph because the rain started hitting me from the right side and stinging my face as if I was driving directly into rain.  It was really odd because only my right side was getting hit by rain and when I got through it, only my right pant leg was wet.

A view from Wolf Creek PassAt around 2 pm, I got to Walsenburg CO and saw the Rocky Mountains on the horizon.  It’s interesting how the landscape changes abruptly from flat to mountainous.  As I climbed the mountains, the bike began struggling to maintain speed.  The high altitude really affects the power of the engine.  At about 7,500 feet above sea level, I found it necessary to downshift to 4th gear just to keep going 60 mph.  This road takes you through Wolf Creek Pass where I observed a maximum altitude of 10,880 feet on the GPS.

I got into Durango, CO at around 7 pm Mountain Time.  As I was checking in, I met a couple from Canada and decided to go across the street to eat at a Texas BBQ place.  Harvey and Rose had been riding through the US for the past couple of weeks and we shared stories as we ate dinner.

  • States: KS, CO
  • Miles Travelled Today: 518
  • Total Miles: 2,681

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  1. Wow – that second pic would make a great painting! No rain here for a couple of days now… really hot and humid tho. you’re making great progress… keep the pictures coming! 🙂

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