Day 4 – 8/2/09

I didn’t get started today until around 10 am because I didn’t sleep to well last night – probably drank way too much coffee yesterday.  It was a perfect day for riding today.  No rain, the sun was out, and it was nice and warm.

I took I-40 about 20 miles past Oklahoma City and stopped to eat lunch around 2:00.  I decided to head north on Rt 281 through Oklahoma towards Medicine Lodge Kansas.   Rt. 281 is a nice smooth road that goes north towards Kansas.  There were very few cars on the road and the speed limit is 65 so it’s a nice easy ride.

There were a number of small towns along 281.  Many of these towns seemed to have more vacant buildings than non-vacant ones.  While I wouldn’t call them ghost towns, they certainly didn’t appear to be thriving either.  Between towns there are large expanses of  land with bright red dirt that appears to be used primarily for cattle grazing.  There wasn’t a lot of land with crops planted until I got to the northern part of Oklahoma.


Riding into a small town about 20 miles from Kansas, I spotted two P51 Mustangs parked in a small airport.  I turned into the airport to take a closer look at them.   They were fully restored and in perfect condition.  I talked with a local gentleman how explained that this was their home airfield and they had just returned from the airshow at Oshkosh.

When I got to Medicine Lodge, I decided that I’d head to Dodge City and find a hotel for the night.  On the way to Dodge City, I passed through Greensburg, Kansas.  Greensburg was levelled by an F5 tornado a couple of years ago.  The story of this town’s disaster and their efforts to rebuild are on a TV show on the “Planet Green” channel.

All-in-all, it was a great day of riding.

  • States: OK, KS
  • Miles Travelled Today: 480
  • Total Miles: 2,163

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