Day 3 – 8/1/09

I got started this morning around 9:00.  The sun was shining and it looked looked like a good day for a ride.   However, the national weather report showed a band of storms from the Great Lakes down to the Gulf of Mexico so I knew that I was going to hit rain sometime during the day.

About 50 miles West of Memphis, the rain started.  I stopped, got gas, and put the rain gear on again.  I hit a downpour about 2 miles down the road and after about 25 miles in the rain, I had to pull off because I really couldn’t see where I was going.  After eating lunch, the rain had slowed down enough to get back on to the road.  It finally cleared up as got to Little Rock.

Sometimes it amazes me just how abrupt changes in geography can be.  As I crossed the Mississippi River from Tennessee into Arkansas, the land changed from hilly to totally flat.  Arkansas seems to be flatter than Midwest states such as Iowa and Nebraska.  Western Arkansas has hills and mountains but the eastern part was just flat farmland.

One odd thing about today was the number of vehicles with tire and wheel problems.  I saw 4 or 5 cars with flat tires and 2 cars where one of the front wheels was gone and the car was resting on the brake rotor.  Then, late in the afternoon I saw a tractor trailer on the side of the road with a torn up front fender and no front tire.  I’ve travelled a lot of interstate highways and have never seen this many tire problems in a single day.

The last couple of hours were a nice easy ride.    With the sun behind the clouds, it was a little cool but still comfortable riding with a sweatshirt.  Armadillos seem to make up the majority of road-kill here.  I stopped at a Motel 6 about 20 miles into Oklahoma in a town called Sallisaw.

  • States: TN, AR, OK
  • Miles Travelled Today: 614
  • Total Miles: 1,683

6 thoughts on “Day 3 – 8/1/09”

  1. Geez, Mark… hope you get at least *some* days without rain! Sounds like you might be able to avoid the sunburn problem this year (?) – LOL@armadillos! RE: the landscape… all I remember about our ride to Sturgis was thinking “wow, we grow a LOT of corn in the US”! LOL

  2. that observation about the tires kind of made me think about the movie wrong turn.
    not good!
    and the problem with the credit cards wile traveling is shitty.
    it happened to me in chicago.
    hope the weather improves for ya.
    stay safe man!

  3. I should be running into corn today as I head through Kansas.

    The weather looks better for today. Hopefully it will be nice for the next couple of days.

  4. I made it back from Maine on Thursday. The weather was gorgeous while I was there, but I guess things weren’t too pleasant around here on Wednesday.

    We had more rain on Friday and Route 9 between Kinderhook and Valatie was closed again. Samascotts is still shoveling out mud and hope to move their business back indoors on Monday.

    Kim had fish flopping around in her yard from all the rain on Wednesday — that’s what happens when you live next to Kinderhook Creek.

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