2009 Ride

In a couple of days, I’ll be heading out across the country on my 2006 Electra Glide for a nice 2+ week ride.

This year, I plan to start the trip by heading south so that I can ride through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.  Once I make it through these states, I’ll have been to all 50 states.   As was the case last year, I don’t have an exact route planned but instead, will just take it day by day and see where the road (and the weather) takes me.

The header image on this page is from last year’s ride as I entered Yellowstone National Park.

4 thoughts on “2009 Ride”

  1. again, good luck and stay safe.
    but above all, have an awsome time!!
    as if you wouldent!
    i wish i could go with ya.
    who knows theres allways another time.
    keep the rubber side down mark.

  2. cool, stay in touch ,be safe , have fun, will enjoy looking up where you go on google map. later eddie

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